Digital Business Azadi

  • Digital Business Azadi is an Initiative by Gaurav Panday, who is an AI Digital Coach, Freedom Business Expert, Motivational Speaker & Author.
  • Digital Business Azadi is India’s leading e-learning Program Providing Youth with a better Future in terms of Financial Freedom. Digital Business Azadi is established with the Novel vision of financial freedom for everyone. We have organized this goal From its very Inception we aim to provide a means of good quality of life for Thousands of willing Associates through our plan. Today Digital  Business Azadi believes that we can Achieve Success by utilizing our Powers. Digital Business Azadi there is an opportunity for every Indian.
  • The Digital Business Azadi, Founded by Knowledge Business Reformer  Gaurav Panday was Launched in the Year 2021. In the last 4 Years,  this has grown to Become one of the World’s Largest Communities Dedicated to Creating and Empowering Digital Leaders, trainers, and  Entrepreneurs.


To Create Opportunity for every Human on Earth Online Career, Business & Freedom Lifestyle.


  • I’m on a Mission to Help 100,000 People to Become Independent & Freedom Lifestyle by Leveraging the Digital Business Azadi.
  • To Increase the Success Rate of the Country.

We Believe in Giving you Quality over Quantity and Practical Education over mug-up Education. That’s why (ARISE)


Act to Wow

Aiming to leave People Awestruck with our Knowledge and Expertise.



Respecting everyone who walks into our lives- Team, Clients, Customers and Partners.



Maintain integrity and take complete accountability of our actions.


Service Mindset

Serving our clients with top-notch value to add the same in their lives.



Striving for excellence and enhancing ourselves to be better at what we do.